We are taught for most of our lives that some of us are sporty, and the rest of us aren’t. We like to perpetuate this belief because it allows us to be lazy, to hide our inactivity behind labels such as ‘bad genes’. We flip through magazines and sigh, ‘I’ll never look like that’. And for the most part, we’re right. Not because you didn’t hit the gene jackpot, but because you’re comparing yourself to someone you are not.

Our bodies, like our minds, hearts and souls, are all different. Each of us has a physical form that has different strengths and weaknesses. You could see your body as a metaphor for your life as a whole. In fact when you look at your training as a journey of self discovery that will continue through your lifetime, you’re getting close to the truth.

You may never look like the supermodel you stuck up on the fridge to stop you eating what’s left of last night’s pizza, but if you focused on training your body to be strong and fit, and nourish it with food that feeds its purpose, you’d be surprised at how beautiful your body actually is. Once you begin to experience being able to use it for physical activities, you’ll be inspired by what it’s capable of, and want to continue nourishing it and treating it well with exercise. We often see our athletes come to us with extremely low expectations – they want to lose the weight they’ve picked up over the last five years sitting at a desk. Then, when they start working hard and eating well, they are not only pleased with the results but filled with a sense of possibility that they never had before because they didn’t believe their bodies were built to be this strong, or fit, or capable, and because of all those things, beautiful. They take on challenges they’d never dreamed of: marathons, triathlons, dance recitals.

As you train with us, and your form and function starts to shape and develop, so you will get a better understanding of how your body is built, and what it is capable of. Knowing your body is as important as knowing your self and mind, for it’s within your body that these other two are housed, and through your body that they are expressed. When your physical form is strong and fit, so your outlook on life seems to follow suit. Working and conditioning your body is an in-built emotional healing system.

Next time you see an image of a body that makes you feel bad because it seems unattainable to you, rather ask yourself, what is attainable to me? When you begin the process of body conditioning and discovery, other bodies will appear beautiful as opposed to intimidating, for you will identify with the journey that person has taken to get there, and appreciate the story of hard work that their body tells.

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