One thing which is immediately noticeable on entering our new women’s gym is that there are no mirrors. If you’ve trained at a globo gym for most of your life, this may seem a strange concept, considering that these ‘health’ clubs are usually lined with mirrors to assist you in checking out every angle of yourself.

If you’ve read our site, you will know that we place a far greater emphasis on performance than aesthetics. We’ve stated many times that if you concentrate on improving your performance numbers, everything else positive will follow. Concentrating on performance is also far more sustainable over a long period of time than just training to look a particular way.

The absence of mirrors in the gym isn’t, however, to avoid our members looking at themselves for aesthetic reasons.

When learning a movement for the first time, such as a deadlift or a squat, it is very important that you don’t learn it by watching yourself. The problems associated with this is that you tend to start ‘self correcting’ based on your reflection, rather than by concentrating on the particular muscle groups you are supposed to be employing to properly complete the movement.

The lack of mirrors also allows our coaches to have the final say with regard to form. Trust between coach and member is imperative to the process of developing proper technique, and therefore members are naturally inclined to listen for instruction rather than trying to solve the problem on their own.

At Roark Women we are trying to make women aware of their bodies in a positive way. We want our women to leave what they may have previously thought possible, or proper, at the door, and to see what their bodies are capable of. We can assure you that if they trust the movement and your body, you will have the results you desire.

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