We started Roark Women in the hope that we would offer a space and programming which women would embrace, while learning the capabilities of their bodies. Our expectations have been exceeded entirely.

It really has been the greatest privilege to be involved with Roark Women and those who train there. It has been inspiring to see the women who train with us change, try something different, and most importantly, learn something entirely new about their bodies and the potential that lies within them.

We have set difficult challenges for girls, and watch them blow past them with a determination that has forced us to evaluate our own goals and mental toughness. We’ve watched in awe as more and more girls have walked into our facility, and put their trust in our programming.

Our message has always, and will always, be the same:

Focus on performance.
Trust your body.
Work Hard.

That’s the magic formula, and it’s the one we will always preach. From Peter, Steve and James, we wish all of our members a wonderful year ahead, and once again promise to walk down the path with you, as far as you are willing to go.

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