Coaching, classes, packages and pricing

Roark Women is a gym which caters exclusively to women. The gym is a large, private space with a view over the city, and is stocked with the best available equipment. View aside, there are no saunas here, and no hairdryers. We will not lie to you and tell you that exercise should be a gentle trot on the treadmill followed by a steam. If you’re here you’ve probably noticed that that doesn’t work.

Roark Women is run by coaches who are solely interested in your progress and your willingness to work hard. We use knowledge drawn from global leaders in training strategy to show you how to use your body and function as a team with it, and in so doing come to trust and appreciate its form and function. We offer four classes a day, 6-7am, 7-8am, 17:30-18:30pm and 18:30-19:30pm. Please be sure to book your place in your preferred class using our online booking system. Every class will have a coach present who will take members through the planned session. The class will consist of mobility and stretching work combined with a warm up, after which we will move onto the programming for that specific day. The programming will change every day, and will vary according to time, weight, movement and rounds. We encourage you to attend as frequently as possible, as our workouts are designed to strategically follow on from work done previously, and build off existing progress. The more you go, the more you get out.

Some of the sessions may be circuit based, others may be working through a linear style programme, while others may be based upon rounds of movements. Every workout will be scaleable, and you will constantly be monitored by a coach. All workouts and movements will be explained to you prior to starting the workout, and we are more than happy to help you perfect techniques that you find challenging. Our coaches draw their knowledge from a variety of sources including the internationally accredited Crossfit certifications, as well as the Gym Jones certifications. We do not preach loyalty to any one method other than that which achieves the best results.

We offer two membership packages:

R 550 per month for three sessions per week;
R 650 per month for unlimited sessions per week.

Please note that we do not offer less than three sessions per week because through our experience this is the minimum amount of sessions per week that we require with you.

Membership to the gym will be limited, and you will be able to book sessions via our online booking system.

Personal training is available to those who wish for one-on-one sessions at R200,00 per hour.

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