The worst time to start a new diet is on a Monday.

Monday has all the most negative associations of any day of the week. Quite honestly, it’s entirely arbitrary to make Monday the ‘day of all days’ to start things. The sense of impending doom as your weekend (freedom) comes to an end is ludicrous.

The exact same thing can be said for the first day of the year. The New Years Resolution.

You don’t only have one day of the week to start a significant change in your life, and you certainly don’t only have one day of the year to resolve to do the things you didn’t in the past. The psychological effect of this is that if you miss the day, or fall off the wagon once during the year, then all is lost. You have to wait another week or month or year to start again. Some people spend their whole lives starting again!

Please just start now. Seriously. Get the jump on Monday, and on 2016. If you do, you’ve gained time you would ordinarily have lost psyching yourself up to begin changing.

My advice to anyone reading this is to exercise during the holidays. It may not be at the intensity you’re used to, but to shut your body off and eat shit for three weeks isn’t going to help with your recovery or stress levels, now matter what your year has been like.

Change your mentality now and avoid the overwhelming thought of ‘starting all over again’ when the New Year starts.

At Roark we preach that numbers are arbitrary. We preach that it’s the effort associated with the pursuit of those numbers that matters. The same can be said for days of the year. The fact that one day means a new year should change nothing about what you want to achieve.

The pursuit of your goals, no matter what they are, should be a continuous and conscious effort.

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