When people are presented with a challenge, most will experience two conflicting emotions.

The first is likely to be the excitement of the possibility of success, as this is essentially the very basis of our consideration when consider pursuing a particular challenge. The other is likely to be fear. The fear of failure, of struggle, of pain.

Most challenges are essentially arbitrary. They are only given a sense of purpose and significance by those who endeavor to overcome them. Climbing a mountain, rowing a boat, riding a bicycle – these are man made challenges in which we’ve set the parameters of time, speed and distance. Yet we love to watch them and see a person succeed where others have failed.

No matter what the challenge, there will always be others. There is always the next race, the next mountain or the next season, and it is this knowledge that separates the good from the great. This is also the message we endeavor to spread to those who train with us, or to those who believe in what we do.

Perfection, if it even exists, must be the most fleeting of all human experience. While I’m sure that the greats of any sport strive for perfection, they will know that it is ultimately beyond them. What makes them great and consistently successful is their immediate focus – the daily and hourly drive to progress.

Progress, not perfection.

Progress each day. Don’t become overwhelmed by challenges set by others or by yourself. There is no way to reach those anyway, without constant attention and focus on progress.

We receive many emails from people asking if we require a certain level of fitness before someone can join Roark, and our reply is always the same. The only thing we require is that you come in and work hard consistently. This is what separates those who stay the course and go the distance, from those who never realize their own potential.

Our advice to anyone is to focus on the process, not the outcome. Progress isn’t achieved in giant leaps. It’s earned through consistent application together with thoughtful and concentrated hard work.

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