At Roark, we are firmly against the ‘one size fits all’ policy. It is ludicrous that men and women be required to follow the same training programme, or even be taught the same movements, when our bodies are built for such different functions. It must be noted right at the outset that this does not mean women cannot compete with men, it only means that their bodies have different compositions, and that this should be kept in mind at all times when considering programming.

We didn’t want to open a women’s gym until we completely understood how various movements and weights change the body shape of women. So we tested it. We had a group of women with varying athletic ability and training experience who we gave very similar programming to, and we learnt a great deal. We also went to study in the best training facilities in the states, I am very confident that Roark Women will offer the best, most accurate and specific training to women of all abilities. You do not need to have a heavy sporting background to achieve progress with us, and you do not need existing strength or fitness. You simply have to be willing to work, and to listen to our advice.

The training will be challenging, but you will never be left to battle on your own, you will always be coached and supported. The training environment will be a healthy one, and provided you do what we ask of you, you will have great results. At Roark we do not allow our members to fixate on appearance or their jeans size or whether they can or cannot eat a cupcake or whether they will have their bikini bodies by the time summer rolls around. When you start training here, you acknowledge that these days of petty fretting over surface values is behind you, that you realise that your body is built to be strong and fit and that you wish to begin your journey towards a sustainable state of health and happiness, and your  way in is through overcoming physical challenges.

We understand that it takes a great deal of trust to join a gym. You will know as soon as you join a gym if the coaches have your best interests at heart, or if you’re there just to make up the numbers. Some gyms are happy to have salespeople signing you up, who have no knowledge of what training really means. That is not what we are about. Our gym membership is be limited, so you won’t face overcrowding and it also means that those who train with us need to earn their place here. We go to great lengths to ensure our programming is the best available, and we invest a lot of time, care and effort into our members. I believe that the men who currently train with us will testify to this, and I believe it will be no different with the women who join our second gym.

It is our broader vision to changes the negatives outlook habits that most women possess towards exercise, training and eating. We have dedicated our pursuits to gaining a broad knowledge base on these subjects, and we believe in the principle on which our gym is established – namely psychological before physical. We will always encourage our members to consider themselves and their bodies on the same team. You are not here to punish yourself, or to ‘burn fat’. You are here to train, and we are here to support you in that.

Women have been at odds with their bodies for long enough. When you sign up to train at Roark, you acknowledge the fact that strength, fitness and a fitness goal greater than just ‘looking good’ will result in a more peaceful state of mind and ultimately a better functioning body, which by its very nature will take on an aesthetically pleasing form. You will also find that personal hurdles that once seemed insurmountable become far more manageable, as you get used to overcoming challenges and realising that you do have a degree of control of your body and beyond it, your life.

Like any place where a group of people gather to work hard for a noble objective, Roark Women and those who train there, will enjoy success. We look forward to meeting you and beginning this journey with you.

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