If you train at Roark, chances are quite high that you work a 9-5 job and only get an hour or so a day to put in some hard work at the gym.

To go to a gym and train alone can get very tedious and demotivating, but when you are smashing a session with twenty other guys who are there for the same reason you are, all of sudden the hour gym sessions start to fly by. I’m not saying the sessions themselves get easier, – you’ve still got to put in the hard work yourself – but you will have the support of the guy next to you on the weight rack or rowing machine. This can often be the difference between performing at the top 5% if your ability or settling for less than you’re capable of doing.
Working with like-minded peers also means you can’t bullshit the guys around you, because they’re all going through the same thing and experiencing the same pain, which makes you accountable not just to them, but also to yourself.

Working out with guys that are in the same mindset as you, whether it be a rough day at the office, a bad afternoon in traffic or a lack of sleep can get you out of the negative and into the positive. That’s the mindset we promote at Roark, and one we’re certainly blessed to have.

Like mindedness in the gym doesn’t require you to have the same education or background as others, only the willingness to work hard and lend a helping hand to the man next you. Oh, and a decent sense of humour helps too!