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About us

Roark Gyms offers group classes as well as personal training at our facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our gyms have workouts you’ll love with people you’ll love working out with.

We believe that you what you do in the gym ripples into the rest of your life. Every time a workout gets hard and you push yourself past what you thought you were capable of you prove to yourself that when things get hard you don’t quit!  As you strengthen your body you’ll also strengthen your mind.

During a 60 minute Roark class you can expect a dynamic warmup combined with strength training and some high intensity cardio work. This means that you get all the essential elements to get in great shape in every class you attend!

Our coaches

Frik Muller

Frik is the Head Coach and General Manager of our Cape Town Women’s gym. He specializes in strength and conditioning for women and holds multiple fitness certifications.

Shannon Badenhorst

Shannon is the Head Coach and General Manager of our Cape Town Men’s Gym. Shannon is passionate about helping men get stronger and fitter and has been involved with Roark Gyms for over 6 years.

Damien Pelser

Damien is the Head Coach and General Manager of our Johannesburg Gym. Damien is highly qualified and has many years of experience working with private clients, semi-private and large groups.

Roark’s Latest Fitness Tips



When you start a new business, you genuinely just hope that it survives. You may have grand aspirations of where you'd like it to end up, but in the first year all you want is to be the exception to the rule, namely a new business that makes it past 12 months. I...

7 Minutes That Changed My Life

7 Minutes That Changed My Life

2000 meters. 7 minutes. How hard could it be? Those were my initial thoughts when I first rowed 2000 meters for time. The 'standard' for this distance for men is sub 7 minutes, and sub 8 minutes for women. Think about how many 7 minute periods fly by in a day without...

The 22 Days of Roark Challenge

The 22 Days of Roark Challenge

The '22 Days of Roark Challenge' starts on Monday the 1st of October. For those of you who don't know what this entails, we're challenging all the members in all of our gyms to attend Roark 22 times in October. Regardless of whether you're part of the men's gym or...


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Cape Town

1st Floor Buying Services Building, 47 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem