If you’re someone who “doesn’t have time for gym because work is too hectic” then you need to read this.

Work, by the way, can be substituted for any one of the myriad of excuses people come up with not to exercise.

Once you’ve written those words you have:

1 – Chosen work over your health.

2 – Stated that in the 168 hours available to you every week of your life, you can’t find 3 in which to exercise

3 – Spoken absolute bullshit. You can bullshit your trainer, your gym or your friends, but don’t bullshit yourself. You’ve watched TV, you’ve sat on social media sites and you’ve definitely spent time drinking/eating that could have been used more productively.

4 – Taken the easiest way out imaginable. You have said to your body that you don’t care about it, and are prepared to face the risks that a sedate lifestyle brings with it because you make excuses.

Instead of saying things like “those gym times don’t work for me”, why not try saying “I need to find 3 hours in week so that I don’t jeopardise my health.”

Literally billions of people have jobs. Billions. Is your job is so time consuming that you can’t find one hour every second day in which to exercise? Barrack Obama exercises. Elon Musk exercises. Billions of other people exercise.

You don’t have to join our gym. You don’t have to join any gym. You don’t have to have money to exercise. You don’t need special equipment or a personal trainer.

You need discipline. And you need to stop making excuses.

There is wealth of useful information on the internet on different movements you can practice to get you fitter and stronger. There are 183 000 000 google search results for “stay at home exercise.”

People say things like “you have no excuse.” The problem is that you do. You have any excuse in the world if you choose to make it. Start small. Start with the first day you decide to try exercising. Commit! Take one day at a time.

This message isn’t meant to make you feel shit about yourself, it’s meant to try and save you from descending into the depths of a wasted body. Act now.

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