The term is used too loosely these days. A hero, to us, is someone who stands up and says “choose me” when others would shirk that responsibility.

Kevin Andrew’s brother suffers from kidney failure, and the doctor’s don’t know what’s causing it. One kidney doesn’t function at all while the other operates at 10%. He’s been on dialysis for the past four months, as without the proper functioning of his kidney’s his blood has become poisoned.

What can be done to help? A kidney donation. Kevin joined Roark in 2012, and over the past two years has become one of our most liked, valued and competitive members. Today he lies in a hospital bed having his kidney removed to donate to his ailing brother.

Kev, on behalf of everyone at Roark, we would like to salute you for your bravery and wish you a successful operation. We can’t wait to have you back in the gym, and you and your brother are in our thoughts and prayers.

We’re proud to have a man of your character as a part of Roark.