The most popular online searches regarding fitness and exercise come from people looking for an exercise program, workout program or tips on how to train from the comfort of their own home. While our goal is to encourage people to subscribe to the values of hard work that we promote, we also understand that many people are just starting to make their way in the world of “functional fitness”, and need guidance rather than an “our way or the highway” attitude.

With this in mind, together with the fact we often get asked by Roark members travelling without access to the type of equipment available at our facility, we decided that we would provide a very simple exercise program that would help anyone become fitter and stronger.The workout is called “Interval Weight Training” and involves a simple timing and rest pattern. The whole workout should take under 30 minutes, and can be done from anywhere, including at home.

The Roark Exercise Program At Home

Firstly, you’re going to need to come up with two basic “strength based” movements. The easiest ones available are push ups and squats, as you don’t need equipment for these.
Secondly, you need to come up with two “cardio based” movements. Lets use running and burpees for the purpose of this workout.

You will perform between 10 – 15 repetitions of the “strength based movement” followed immediately by two minutes of the “cardio based movement.” Once this has been completed, you will rest for two minutes. This must be repeated two more times, for a total of three rounds. After these three rounds, you take a five a minute break, and repeat the exact same repetition and rest structure, but using the other strength and cardio movements.


3 rounds of:

  • 15 push ups
  • 2 minute run
  • 2 minute rest

3 rounds of:

  • 15 squats
  • 2 minutes of burpees
  • 2 minute rest

It looks very simple, but is highly effective. There are three rules you must apply:

  1. Perform strict, slow and perfect form repetitions for the “strength work”;
  2. “Cardio work” must be performed at 90% of your max rate;
  3. Keep track of the distance covered/reps performed in the “cardio work and make sure that you keep hitting this same distance repeatedly. This will take some practice, as most people tend to either go too hard and burn out, or too easy and don’t get the full value of the workout.

The beauty of this exercise program is that you can apply any lift or cardio you like. You can add weight, row, swim, run or ride. You are combining strength work with cardio work at an excellent intensity in a short space of time. If you commit to doing this very simple exercise routine at home three times a week, you’ll see great gains in both your strength and fitness.

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