on what makes some achieve their goals and others not

Most of us have behaviours we want to change. Some people want to quit smoking; others want to be more confident. Some want to finally reach their fitness goals. A percentage of these people succeed but the vast majority fail. Why is this?  What is the difference between people that reach their goals and people that don’t? The answer lies between your ears.

Your behaviours are a symptom, a natural consequence of two things – Your beliefs and the resulting little voice in your head.

Your beliefs are subconscious. They are what you use to evaluate and place value on your life experiences. They come from many sources: your upbringing (parents, teachers and preachers), significant others, past traumas and repetitive experiences.

Your beliefs are not FACTS; they are emotionally held OPINIONS, which are formed throughout your life. Once they are formed we will consciously seek out examples to reinforce our beliefs (prove to ourselves that we are right).

For instance if your belief is that Cape Town has terrible drivers, you will consciously look out for examples of Capetonians driving badly, totally ignoring the thousands of other drivers following the rules of the road. If your belief is that you don’t have any time to train you will look for any excuse to prove this belief to make yourself feel better. Sound familiar?

Here’s the important part:

Your beliefs control that persuasive voice in your head. The voice in your head controls your behaviour. Trying to change behaviour without evaluating your beliefs is futile. It will work for a while and then slowly but surely that little voice  will talk you out of it.

This internal conversation also controls our emotions and how we react to our life experiences.

Two people have a fender bender one afternoon. The first guy gets out and starts internally moaning how he has such bad luck. He thinks about the insurance claims, the meeting he is late for and goes home angry and depressed. The second guy gets out thinking how lucky he is. The accident could’ve been much worse and he is grateful to walk away from it. He goes home to see his family feeling elated and happy.

Same event – different belief – different experience – different life.

During a daily workout at Roark that little voice is on top form. On your first day it will tell you that what you are doing is complete madness and implores to you to give up or fake a heart attack. But your fellow athletes will push you through and somehow you finish. You adapted and survived. You’ve developed a reference that you can surpass the limits set by your mind. In my opinion this is the true value of this type of training. It’s not about getting bigger guns or fewer chins. It’s not about looking good while playing bats with your girl friends on Clifton beach, although that is an enjoyable side effect. It’s about setting a goal and working at it until you attain it. This is not just exercise, this is life.

Here is your task.  Do you have a challenge you are facing today? It may be a difficult work colleague, a financial worry or something simple like being unable to resist the cake that’s going around the office. Listen to that voice in your head while dealing with your challenge, and what it is telling you. Is this voice helping you, or is it holding you back? Measure what the voice is saying next to what you wish to accomplish, the grandest vision for your life and question whether that voice is helping you, or keeping you trapped in a cycle, keeping you a small version of yourself.

If it’s holding you back consciously choose a more productive belief. In the beginning it may be hard but with practice the mind can be rewired to focus on solutions rather than problems.

You want to know the secret to life and success? All those quotes from dead guys that you read on twitter and facebook everyday can be summed up into this:

Practice choosing empowering beliefs and you can automatically achieve the desired results.

Here’s the good news. If you’re training Roark and completing the daily workouts, the brain rewiring has already begun.

Dr Robert Delgado, DC, C.C.W.P

Registered Chiropractor and Certified Wellness Practitioner


Image: Nike

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