“I started learning about ‘the Roark way’ from my friend Craig Atkinson over the December holidays. Yes, the December holidays. In a garage in Ballito I was introduced to ball slams, head cutters, burpees and some friendly farmer’s walks. For once I came back from a December break in better shape than I went away in.

I came to my first session at Roark at the beginning of January where I met Reinhard for the first time. What I really appreciated was the fact that I was not pushed too hard from the beginning. Rather I was given the time to get the movement right and during this time I always had motivation and encouragement from Reinhard. There is never the same routine twice and I feel that it gives me a great blend of exercises that emphasize strength as well as those with a cardio fitness bias.

It has now been two months of going three times a week and the pictures speak for themselves. Coupled with eating healthy – not like a rabbit but also not doughnuts everyday – I have lost 7.5 kg of fat and put on 4kg of muscle.

I am a Roark convert. I will be for the rest of my life. Roark and Reinhard helped me achieve my goal of being a fitter role model for my son and for that I will be forever grateful.”

– Steven Cory