Two years. You dream of the things you create lasting forever. What we’ve achieved so far seems to fill so much space, yet that space seems to have passed in an instant.

The two questions I get asked most about Roark are; what has been the best part of the experience, and what is the main thing I’ve learnt from it.

The first question is the easiest to answer – the people. I’ve met people I would never ordinarily have come into contact with, been inspired by so many of them and made some wonderful friends. I feel blessed to have met all those who have walked through our doors, and put their trust in us.

It’s taken me a long time to formulate a proper answer to the second. I believe that if something is good and pure at its very heart, it will succeed as it is meant to. There is no simple formulae for success. When I think of the people who have had an influence on Roark I realize how fortunate I have been. I take none of it for granted, and am so incredibly grateful to all those who have been involved with us along the way, and who helped me realize a dream.

I believe when you walk into both of our gyms you can feel the honesty within their walls. The hours of hard work that have passed on those floors, and the countless shouts and laughs that have been shared. It is our wish that Roark will always remain this honest, and that the integrity of what we are trying to achieve will always be evident to anyone who chooses to work with us.

I must end by offering my deepest thanks to my family for their unwavering support. To Ant and Pete for the impact they have had on the men’s and women’s gyms respectively. I respect you both tremendously and couldn’t wish for two better men to work with. To Stevie and Nic, thank you for your time, patience and support.

Finally, to Mark, Rob and Michael, thank you for your guidance and friendship from afar. You know the impact you have had on me personally, and I thank you for your continued inspiration and leadership.

Roark evolved from a simple idea, and it continues to be based on simple principles. We believe wholeheartedly in what we do, and it is once again our promise to continue to support all of those who put their trust in us.


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