Tim Church

The Roark machine fires up at 06h30 every morning and winds down at 19h30 every evening. It’s fueled by hard work, sweat, thumping music and squats. Lots of squats.

It will work tirelessly for you if you let it. All you have to do is pitch up, follow the orders and resist your body’s urge to stop what it’s doing. It’s weird, logic tells you “this should be getting easier”, but If you’re doing it right, it never gets easier – you just get better.

The trainers keep the machine running. They squeeze the last few drops of courage out of you when you’re running on fumes. They are probably the most important component of the machine. They also know your name before you walk in the door.

You WILL get faster and stronger and fitter – all you have to do is keep doing it.

Keep Roarking.