Jane Rowlinson

I have never been motivated by big gyms, packed rooms and working out aimlessly and alone. At Roark, classes range from 4 to 30 girls and yet you still feel as though you are being individually trained. During a workout limits are pushed and goals you never thought possible are achieved. I attribute this to the coaches who constantly motivate and encourage you through some of the darkest of times.

But what has surprised me most has been my physical strength and fitness gained. I realised this in my road and mountain running. I could not believe the distances I could now push myself to run, and still feel strong while doing it. It revealed both the mind and body change I had undergone since joining Roark. A 15km trail run was something I never envisaged doing – I now know I can do it. Over the last 9 months I have changed shape and my clothes fit me better; more importantly though, I am now feeling stronger and healthier than ever before.

What have I learnt from my time at Roark? That exercise is the key to attempting balance. It empties you of negativity and stress, and the constant benchmarks you beat at Roark literally ignite something in you that pushes you in every aspect of life. Roark has not just changed me but it constantly challenges me both mentally and physically. I am fitter and much happier because of Roark, and for this reason, I will keep pushing myself further.