The Power of 9


  • You can fundamentally change your body in 9 days;


  • This applies to you if you’ve never trained consistently OR if it’s been a while since you did;


  • From our experience you will need 9 days of training in order for your body to get used to training;


  • This is best broken up by 3 sessions per week for 3 weeks;


  • Most people never even start, so the by committing to a very realistic, immediate and attainable goal, you’ll be able to realistically commit to the short term with an eye on the long term benefits;


  • You will be stiff after your first few sessions. This is both natural and essential. Your body needs to feel what it’s like to exercise to a point where stiffness is induced;


  • You HAVE to keep going to the gym and keep training, no matter how stiff you are. It’s essential that you get your body moving again to break up the stiffness;


  • It’s ok to start small. It’s ok to approach your fitness journey one day at a time. Those days eventually add up to the transformation you’ve been seeking.