ROARK GYMS is based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with both a men’s and a women’s gym that host fitness classes in the mornings and the evenings.

Our sessions last an hour and comprise of a warm up, a strength programme and high intensity interval and cardiovascular work. A coach is in charge of each session, resulting in personal trainer attention and monitoring of both form and performance.

The workout at Roark Gyms changes every day, and we use a variety of machines, weights and movements to produce the best possible results. We believe that if you focus on the numbers associated with performance, the rest will follow. There are no short cuts or quick fixes when it comes to achieving real and sustainable results, and while we promise the fastest changes, we also believe that this is only achieved through hard work.


Justin Parker

I am no athlete, I’ve never been one. I am all too familiar with last place at school sports days. I joined Roark Gyms after moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, with what I thought was an acceptable level of [..] Continued

Kirsten Manthey

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. –Napoleon Hill In my journey at Roark Gyms, one of the greatest lessons I have learnt is the power of the mind. Psychological before physical is the driving [..] Continued

Tim Church

The Roark machine fires up at 06h30 every morning and winds down at 19h30 every evening. It’s fueled by hard work, sweat, thumping music and squats. Lots of squats. It will work tirelessly for you if you let it. All [..] Continued

Jane Rowlinson

I have never been motivated by big gyms, packed rooms and working out aimlessly and alone. At Roark, classes range from 4 to 30 girls and yet you still feel as though you are being individually trained. During a workout [..] Continued